Workshop East brunch

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Hanoi Cá Phê has not stopped this weekend! We’ve just finished our second LDF15 event which was catering for a Brunch discussion and workshop demonstration.
Ooooh, I think I deserve a sit on and cup of tea now 💪😴☕️   

LDF 2015 – Brunch, Makers talk & panel discussion by Workshop East

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**London Design Festival 2015**

Join Hanoi Cà Phê – Street Food & Coffee​ at Blackhorse Workshop​ this Sunday 27th. We will be offering our ‘fusion Asian breakfast’ for The Brunch with Makers talk and panel discussion by Workshop East. Delicious coffee will be supplied by Wood Street Coffee.

Don’t miss out on this exciting and tasty event! For more info and ticket purchase: LDF15 Brunch & Talk by Workshop East

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Stow Festival 2015

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 Hanoi Cà Phê had an awesome day at The ‘Stow Festival 2015’ today. The sun was blazing, with not a cloud in sight. We enjoyed four live music acts whom each sounded great.

Thanks to all our lovely customers (some new and some returning) our new Pork and Tofu ‘Bún’ boxes went down a treat.

I’m so happy that our first ever Music festival was a ringing success! 🎵🌟🎵




Stow Festival 2015

Food and Drink, Street Food, Vietnamese Street Food

More Good News! Hanoi Cà Phê will be serving up Vietnamese deliciousness during The Stow Festival – where Music takes over Walthamstow! Join us on Saturday 19th September from 12pm till late @blackhorsews – There will be four live acts followed by a DJ set from Music Takes Me Up @mtmu. How could you possibly resist the chance to hear great music and eat delicious Vietnamese food?!? 🎹🎵🎷😊🍴🍱

Eat with us at London Design Festival 2015

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We’re delighted to announce that we will be taking part in our first ever LDF this year!

This year marks the birth of Hanoi Cà Phê in London and since it’s arrival in January 2015, we haven’t stopped! From learning about the street food trade, selling at Food Markets, perfecting recipes and feeding our lovely customers, this year has definitely been a momentus one.

Recently The Blackhorse Workshop in East 17 asked us to be a part of their LDF2015 event called ‘The Makers Playground’ – A week long programme comprising of free Artist workshops, day and after dark events, music and industry talks.

Hanoi Cá Phê will be part of the Sunday 27th September event called: ‘DO OFF-CUT’

– 9.30am:*Ticketed Event*

This will be a Brunch with talk by Workshop East. Food will be provided by Hanoi Cá Phê.

I’ve been busy devising a menu, watch this space for a glimpse of our fusion Anglo/Asia brunch!

In the meantime take a look at the exciting line up at The Makers Playground (21st-27th September) this will certainly be “providing London Design Festival with the antidote to all things too serious”

Come join us for some “Playground” fun!!

Vietnamese Sunday Lunch

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After a wonderful trip to Northern Spain and the south of France, I have returned to London and Hanoi Cà Phê with the urge to eat some traditional fuss-free Vietnamese comfort food. 

The first thought upon waking up this morning was ‘what am I going to Eat for Sunday Lunch today?’ With a rumbling tummy I salvaged the ingredients I had in my cupboard and fridge and luckily came up with the vital ingredients for today’s Vietnamese Sunday lunch. I wanted to keep this simple, healthy, balance and comforting. This menu was ready in 45mins and took 10mins to devour!!

So much goodness in a bowl – one of the dishes in my Vietnamese Sunday lunch is Ginger & Dandelion soup broth. So good on its own or poured over your rice.

Foil baked salmon with ginger, sesame, soy and dill – Amazing.

A classic comfort dish in today’s lunch includes Vietnamese omelette – thin and crispy like a pancake flavoured with shallots, nuoc mam and a dash of chilli flakes.

The complete Sunday menu – Healthy, balanced and delicious! This is what Vietnamese Home cooking is about.

Time for a Cuppa

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These oriental thermos flasks have been in regularly use since my childhood. I remember my mum taking her noodle soups to work in these. Now that the weather is a bit cooler, @hanoi_ca_phe will be serving warming Ginger, Lotus and green tea in these for our next Streetfood market at Blackhorse Workshop on the 19th September.

Love the multiple purpose of these Thermos flask! Now you can have a cuppa that really LIGHTS up 👋😃🌟