Old Paradise Yard

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A slice of Paradise! 🙏🏻We were lucky enough to feed the lovely crowds at this beautiful location yesterday. The 2017 annual Open Studios at Old Paradise Yard is a truly unique venue – a wonderful oasis in the middle of Waterloo. 

Curry for Change 

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This evening I met some wonderful and inspirational people who are working towards ending hunger and changing lives in Asia and Africa. I’m proud to be a part of Curry for Change – a charity that helps people hold Supper clubs to raise money for families who suffer from hunger. 

All you need to do is host a supper club and donate funds that will support local families across 19 countries to lead better lives. Natco, who is the food partner for Curry for Change will even provide vital ingredients and kingfisher beers to help get you started.

This year make a difference and join the Supper club movement! 

How did Hanoi Cà Phê begin?

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My name is Gina and I was born in Hanoi, Vietnam. I came to England at the age of two where I grew up with my elder sister. 
We lived in a strong female household, which included my Mother and Grandma.  

My Grandma had an enormous influence on me as a child, I would spend fascinated hours watching her cook, and then eventually assisting her in our little kitchen.

Grandma Quyen, who turned 99yrs old in February this year, was my inspiration to start Hanoi Cà Phê. Sadly, She was diagnosed with Dementia a couple of years ago. It was during this time that I sought to find a way of keeping my Grandmas stories and recipes alive, hence Hanoi Cà Phê was born.  

In Vietnam, we always involve food and eating whether in happiness or sadness. It’s a beautiful way of bringing family, friends and strangers together to share experiences and feel united.

I want to retain my family recipes and feed everyone I know and meet the delicious Vietnamese food I enjoyed as a child, always lovingly cooked by my Grandma.

“Cooking with Love provides Food for the Soul”.

Time Out magazine feature 

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👀👀L O O K !!! 👀👀We were in Time Out London magazine yesterday 😁😁😁So excited about our Vietnamese Supper Club tomorrow @playground_london Tickets have now SOLD OUT 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Supper Club at Playground London

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⭐️Yaay It’s Friday! Plus I have some Great News for you!! ⭐️If you missed our first Supper Club last month then dry your eyes, because here’s your chance to Enjoy an Evening of Fresh Hanoi Flavours 🌿🌶🍲We will be hosting supper at the cool & creative @playground_london in Dalston. Tickets and menu available via Eventbrite –  HCP Supper Club

Really, you’d be Hanoi’d if you miss out! 

Happy Birthday TGM

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Awesome 1st Birthday Festival at Tottenham Green Market 🎉🎈🎉

Great food, drink, music and a massive supportive crowd. 

When service was done, Hanoi Cà Phê enjoyed a much deserved drink. We SMASHED IT with a mega SELLOUT 👏🏻👏🏻

It’s Cá Ri time!

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Hanoi Cà Phê’s New Menu will be available tomorrow at Netil Market from 11-5! Let us feed you the following deliciousness:

⭐️ Cá Ri Gà – Succulent Vietnamese Chicken Curry (mild & fresh)

⭐️ Cá Ri Chay – Warming Lemongrass & Tumeric Vegetable Curry (spicy & sour)

* Served with fragrant jasmine rice, coriander, lime, fresh chillies and roasted peanuts (optional)

All Lovingly cooked from scratch, It’s mouth-wateringly GOOD!

Half term preparations

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Half term means that I’m lucky enough to have little shopping and kitchen helpers 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Here are a few ingredients that feature in our New Menu. It’s mouth-wateringly GOOD!!! Catch us Netil Market this Saturday from 11am-5pm. Go on! give your taste buds a REAL TREAT 🌶🍋🍀🍍🍇

Grandma Quyen 

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My Grandmother will turn 99yrs old this week. I found this photo of her taken in 1940s Hanoi. A beautiful and amazing woman who has taught me many kitchen skills and the delights of Hanoian flavours. I particularly remember early mornings as a child watching her make delicious Banh Cuon (steamed savoury rolled pancakes) which require great patience and a meticulous hand. She would spend hours creating this dish and myself and my sister @lola_lely would devour it in minutes. To my amazing grandma – Thank you for teaching me the art of love and patience in our little family kitchen.

Yum yum – Pho!

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As the weather turns and my household experiences the first signs of the sniffles, it’s the perfect time to make Pho (pronounced “Furh”) Vietnamese noodle soup. It’s healthy, flavoursome and an absolute must for fighting the dreaded cold. 
It’s all in the broth which was slow cooked for 5-hours using charred ginger & onion, star anise, cinnamon sticks and a whole corn-fed chicken. This broth will taste even more amazing tomorrow – Pho is traditionally served for breakfast with plenty of fresh herbs, limes and chillies, it’s definitely a wake up meal that will keep you energised all day long.
Hanoi Cà Phê – Vietnamese street food will be serving this popular national dish at our next food market on Sunday 16th October at East Village Market, E20 (11am-4pm). Join us then to enjoy this heartwarming dish 😋🍜😋