Our Second Food Stall


Roll up, Roll up!
Come and get some delicious Vietnamese Street food & drink this Saturday 25th July 2015, 1pm – 6pm.
On the Menu we will have:
– Mamma Tinh’s marinaded bbq pork Banh Mi
– Chilli & Lemon-grass Tofu Banh Mi
*Both served with our delicious crunchy herb ‘Nom’ salad
To drink, we will have our refreshing home-made Mint Limeade (back by popular demand)
Don’t miss out, Pop by – Enjoy Hanoi!

Chilli Papaya Salad


Today I felt like having just a simple crunchy salad with a bit of a chilli kick.


Normally when I make ‘Nom’ – the Vietnamese crunchy herb salad, I make lots of it! ‘Nom’ can be eaten on its own, topped with chicken or prawns, or as a side dish with vermicelli. It can also be used as a sandwich filler in the case of Banh Mi (Vietnamese baguette)

For a more Thai / Laotian influence add shrimp paste, chillies, cherry tomatoes.



Recipe and photos by: blog.jchongstudio.com