Our Story

In Vietnam, we always involve food and eating whether in happiness or sadness.

It’s our beautiful way of bringing family, friends and strangers together to share experiences and feel united.

Our hope with Hanoi Ca Phe is to preserve Grandma Quyen’s childhood recipes and to share the nourishing food of Vietnam with all.

I was born in Hanoi, Vietnam and came to England at the age of two where I grew up with my elder sister.

We lived in a strong female house hold, glued together by my Mother and Grandma. Grandma Quyen had an enormous influence on me as a child, I would spend fascinated hours watching her cook, and then eventually assisting her in our little kitchen.

I have always wanted to retain our family recipes, feeding everyone I meet. Preserving the delicious Vietnamese food we enjoyed as children, always lovingly cooked by Grandma.

- Gina Lely, founder of Hanoi Ca Phe

Grandma Quyen, who turned 102 in February 2020, is our source of inspiration here at Hanoi Cà Phê.

Sadly; she was diagnosed with dementia a couple of years ago. It was during this time that we sought to find a way of keeping Grandma Quyen’s stories and recipes alive; and so, Hanoi Cà Phê was born.

“Cooking with love provides food for the soul”

– Grandma Quyen